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BIOS Recovery from Hard Drive -- 13 Jan 2016
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The following field alert pertains to technicians servicing Portable & Desktop systems.

Regions – All

Systems – Alienware, Inspiron, Vostro, Latitude, Optiplex, Precision, Tablets, XPS

Alert Topic

BIOS Corruption is one of the potential causes for “NO BOOT/NO POST” scenario. To overcome such situations, the BIOS supports the ability to perform a “Crisis Recovery” that will allow the user to replace a “corrupted” BIOS with a working one.

BIOS Recovery 2 (or BIOS Recovery from Hard Drive) is the 2nd gen of BIOS recovery on Dell systems.  BIOS Recovery from Hard Drive is the BIOS feature that adds the capability to recover a corrupted BIOS with a BIOS recovery file from the system primary hard drive.


BIOS Recovery MUST be performed before replacing the component on all NO BOOT/NO POST cases. If BIOS Recovery fails to fix the issue reseat all the components before replacing the faulty component for the NO BOOT/NO POST case.

The presence of the “BIOS Recovery from Hard Drive” field in BIOS Setup identifies a system supporting BIOS Recovery 2.

  1. Apply the BIOS Recovery trigger to invoke BIOS recovery process.
  2. User will be presented by a BIOS Recovery page if the BIOS Recovery feature is functional and the recovery file is found and valid from the hard drive.

o    If Admin password is installed and valid, user is prompted with the Password Request before the BIOS Recovery page is entered.  If necessary, use the Password Jumper to clear the password.

  1. Choose and confirm the “Recover BIOS” option

  1. BIOS proceeds with the BIOS recovery.
  2. BIOS reboots.


Questions? For EducateDell Support, please use the following:


    External, non-Dell users: Email the support team

   A link to the Educate Dell FAQ can be found here




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